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Terms and Conditions

By referring customers to ABOVE POTENTIAL using your unique affiliate link, you agree to the following ground rules:

  • We are 100% anti-spam and anti-generally-annoying people. Participation in this program requires proper use of, distribution of, and attribution of referral links. That means no unsolicited commercial emails (spamming), and absolutely no posting affiliate links to coupon or “deal” aggregation websites. We mean it!
  • We live our values every day and expect affiliates to do the same. One of our most important core values is “we’re all one team.” We expect all affiliates to also exercise kindness and treat everyone with respect in all interactions that include ABOVE POTENTIAL in some way. That means absolutely no use of hate speech or profanity; no use of illegal, misleading, defamatory, or unethical promotional or sales tactics; and no use of NSFW content like sexually suggestive or explicit content to promote ABOVE POTENTIAL, including text, photos, videos, or any other media. Don’t promote ABOVE POTENTIAL on sites directed towards children under age 13, of course. And, finally, don’t even think about supplying ABOVE POTENTIAL with false or misleading account information. Just don’t do it – it’s not nice.
  • We are straightforward in our marketing and we expect you to be that way, too. Don’t make any statements that imply that we are in a business partnership or that you work for our company. (If you really want to work for us, you can check out our current openings here!)
  • Disclose what everyone’s getting with each transaction. Like so: Have you tried ABOVE POTENTIAL? Sign up with my #affiliate link and you’ll get your first month free!
  • Warranty and indemnification. Our normal ABOVE POTENTIAL usage terms and conditions apply to the affiliates program. By participating in the affiliates program, you are agreeing to the ABOVE POTENTIAL terms and conditions. You can read those terms and conditions here:
  • Bottom line? We reserve the right to terminate our relationship with an affiliate or a Friend at our sole discretion. (TL;DR – Choose kindness!)


Reward eligibility

Here’s a quick who’s who and what’s what:

  • “Affiliates” are ABOVE POTENTIAL users like you who refer their friends to become subscribers! By using your personalized affiliates referral link, you agree to these rules.
  • “Friends” (that is, any person you refer to the affiliates program) must become paying customers to activate your affiliate rewards.

What affiliates get:

Our standard payout schedule is as follows –

  1. 30€ cash reward for referring clients to the monthly (149€) plan
  2. 60€ cash reward for referring clients to the quarterly (299€) plan
  3. 150€ bonus for referring 10 clients
  4. Additional bonuses and/or custom payout schedules for select high-volume affiliates


IMPORTANT NOTE: If we suspect abuse of the affiliate program, your membership can be revoked. So… don’t be shady.

There is absolutely no cost to become an affiliate! If someone tells you otherwise, they are NOT associated with ABOVE POTENTIAL! (And please tell us about anything like that so we can take quick action to shut that stuff down.)



Disclaimers and FAQs

More legal stuff and answers to some popular questions about programs like this one.

  1. Is ABOVE POTENTIAL going to change the rules, terms, discounts, or rewards?
  2. We try not to change our program too often, but it could happen! (And we do reserve the right to do so at any time, for any reason.) Sometimes there can be unforeseen abuses or technical issues that arise with a program like this. But we will let affiliates know via email if we’re making any changes.
  3. How do you handle my privacy?
  4. The privacy of every affiliate and Friend is covered by our website’s privacy policy, which you can read here:
  5. Who do I, or my friends, talk to if we have any questions?
  6. You can talk to our amazing support team chat! Just click the chat button in the lower right corner to start a conversation!

Updated April 25, 2021